Attribution of Weather Extremes events to Climate Change

My contributions in this fields of research are directed towards the understanding of the relation between climate extreme events and the processes that modify their dynamics under the climate change. I am particularly interested in cold and snowy spells, heatwaves and extreme convective events. With techniques based on the concept of atmospheric analogues, we have already analyzed various extreme events worldwide using our developed methodologies. These include: Winter storm Filomena in Spain, April 2021 cold spell in France, July 2021 floods in Westphalia, August 2021 Mediterranean heatwave, Hurricane Ida landfall in New York City, medicane Apollo in Sicily, November 2021 Scandinavian cold spell. We also performed detailed attribution of the Alex 2020 extratropical cyclone in France and examine severe precipitation events in Australia and the European drought. Within Climameter, we attribute extreme events to climate change immediately after they happen. The events attributed so far are available through this interactive map:

Critical Phenomena in Climate & Complex Systems

The understanding of the mechanism regulating the transitions between different metastable states in complex systems is a general problem in statistical mechanics. Systems which feature critical phenomena range from turbulence, spin glasses up to finance, the climate system and epidemiology. I have been involved in the development of rigorous statistical methods for identifying transition thresholds in experimental data and in modeling systems at bifurcation points through approaches that combine statistics and physics through stochastic process theory

Dynamical Systems methods for the analysis of Turbulent and Geophysical flows

Providing a statistical description of turbulence, by combining theoretical findings with high quality experimental datasets, is helping in understanding several features of turbulent flows as the dissipation anomaly or the existence of singularities in the Navier Stokes equations. I have then exported such analyses in the field of weather extreme phenomena to diagnose energy transfers. I am actually contributing to this research field by developing techniques based on the combination of Extreme Value Theory and dynamical systems analyses which allows for quantify the distance between observations and theoretical models in a rich model-parameter space, which allows to describe complex phenomena such as geomagnetic storms