I'm constantly dedicated to sharing the results of my research, the beauty of climate science and its importance.  I present here the initiatives I started within the Institute Pierre Simon Laplace: Press interviews, ClimarisQ (a  videogame 🎮), Climameter (the tool ☀️), and an education program for secondary schools in collaboration with ASTS.

I've had the privilege of participating in numerous press interviews, engaging in discussions about pressing climate issues, extreme weather events, and their profound implications for our world. These interviews provide in-depth insights into the complexities of climate science and its relevance to society.

If you're interested in any of these initiatives, have questions, or wish to explore collaboration opportunities, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Your inquiries and engagement are essential in our collective effort to make a positive impact on our environment and future generations 🌱🌦️

ClimarisQ - A Game to understand the complexity of the climate 🎮

ClimarisQ is an interactive game for IOS, Android and Web that I have personally designed in collaboration with colleagues of the ESTIMR team, communication experts, video-game developers. It offers a unique perspective on climate extremes where player can take energy, transport and societal decision and see their effect on the planet while climate is changing. 

Play ClimarisQ 

Climameter -  A tool to put weather extreme in a climate framework ☀️

Climameter is a powerful tool designed to provide real-time climate data and insights. It serves as a valuable resource for both journalists, climate enthusiasts and researchers. With Climameter, you can explore climate trends of recent weather extremes, and gain a deeper understanding of our changing climate.

Explore Climameter 

Education Program for Secondary Schools with ASTS 🏫

I'm passionate about fostering an interest in climate science among young minds. In collaboration with ASTS (Advanced Science for Tomorrow's Scientists), we've developed an educational program tailored for secondary schools. This program aims to inspire students to explore the fascinating world of climate science and environmental sustainability.

ASTS Partnership Overview